Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, today I avoided starting yet another top by doing the QuiltBus Mystery quilt. Instead, I told myself I would get busy and put together two UFO tops and start free-motion quilting. That was my challenge.

I got the tops together and I actually gave this free-motion quilting a try. I quilted two blocks on a pink top I put together a very long time ago from pink scraps. I figured if I hated the result, I really didn't care since I had no specific purpose in mind for the quilt and the investment in the top was minimal (both time and fabric). So here are some pics of my first free-motion quilting attempt. Just some lazy meandering. I can tell with practice I could probably get pretty good at this.

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Phyl said...

Get pretty good at it? You are a natural! You go, girl!