Monday, July 02, 2007

A Very Quilty Weekend

This past weekend was a complete quilt success in my book. Didn't do much actual quilting on Saturday, but I did get all the fabrics scraps and my less than a yard pieces sorted, folded, and put away in some sort of order so I can find them again.

Sunday, I managed to catch up on five months worth of blocks for the Flower Block of the Month on Quilts Your Way quilting forum. You can see the results here. To make it easy, I spent the morning and into the early afternoon, cutting all the pieces for the blocks. Then I just sat down with the ironing board right next to me and chain sewed all the pieces together. If I hadn't done it that way, I probably would have given up after the 3rd or 4th block.

Now if I can do the same with Star Block of the Month, I will be in very good shape to continue. July's was posted yesterday so that means I'm five months behind on that one too.

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kcamou said...

Those flower blocks look wonderful! Great job!